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FUF (s) !

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

9/23/22 was FUF day! The Fer is out along with some smaller lesions around that area that were not previously seen on my last MRI. It’s really amazing they are out BUT really sad and scary as I knew more could be in my liver, (too small for imaging to see) and talked about that openly but prayed it wasn’t true 😭 BUT most of what was in my left lobe of the liver is gone (YAH!) There still remains in my left and others in my right lobe but we got the big one and those that were hiding and easy to grab.

I have pics which is so cool of what they saw and took out. Yes – I requested pictures for me and the kids wanted as well.

Day of surgery was easy I guess – I had a 5am check in and shortly after some prep – gave Paul a kiss good bye and then I was out (talk about good meds, thank you to those that helped with that) and didn’t awake fully until Friday afternoon when I saw Paul again. Wasn’t fully back on Earth until Saturday😂 Although my family and friends love ‘Lindsay’ (me) texting on pain meds – my phone was not accessible so I am sorry you didn’t get your free laughs, lol.

Hoping to fly home soon and recover. I’ll know in a few weeks what my game plan is as many different paths depending if my tumors grow what is needed, doesn’t grow, what scans reveal in few weeks, etc.

Until then – I have to lay low, heal but I am so freaking happy the big Fer and a few near by friends are out of my body! So happy and can’t wait to celebrate with my kiddies when I return home.

A future full of so many unknowns but here’s to lots of prayers and holding onto that.

Thank you to all that have followed along and support my family along our journey.

Love your,

STAGE IV OM thriver ❤️

FUF – ❤️ my amazing momma girlfriends & ‘jeepin’

#eyesgetdilated #getnaked #FUOM #SeriouslyFUOM

Options Bring Hope Research Grant

TIL Trial – UPMC

Lifetime series with Dr Orloff and I.

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  1. Oh Lindsay, you, Paul and your kids are in our hearts and prayers ❤️🙏 I quiver when I read your account of what is happening to you, but I am inspired by your determination and feistiness❣️ Love, Becky Johnson


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