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Leaving UPMC w/ a 5 Star Review

Last night Paul and I arrived back home. Felt good to be around my folks and the kids. Luckily the flight was uneventful.

I have been beyond fortunate to have had some of the best care since day one and UPMC def gave the rest a run for their money. I knew my liver surgeon and his team were/would be amazing but I ended up staying 2 nights in the hospital following my surgery and had interactions with 5 day/night shift nurses and many other care assistants….let me say – I was treated as a Queen. Those on 4 Main bedside – thank you will never be enough! Proactive to know what I needed before I needed it, beyond caring, empathetic and just amazing at their job. The Main 4 bedside crew were more than nurses to me – advocates and just beautiful human beings to be surrounded by and I enjoyed talking with them and celebrating the little things that were really big things to overcome after a big surgery.

Tons of positive energy and that is so nice to be around when pain management is not always easy.

Upcoming days, weeks game plan: just lay low and recover. No driving or lifting much of anything for a while and lots of praying my tumors are growing very potent TIL (video at bottom). I have 3 incisions – the biggest one through my belly button to pull out a chunk of the F’er, my big tumor, and a few new friends close by.

In a few weeks I’ll hear back from my UPMC team if my tumors:

1. Do not grow TIL

2. Grows TIL but not very potent = not likely to work / work long term and probably not move forward with the next steps of using this TIL at this time.

3. Grows with medium potency = hard convos on what I do next

4. Grows with high potency TIL = likelihood it could work and kill known cancer in liver and within my blood stream and have longer impacting success. This is the option I am praying for.

Thank you to all that got me this far to date on my TIL journey. Truly took a village to date.

Still a future full of unknowns but managing my current pain is so worth it knowing so much bad has been removed from my body.

Thank you to all that have followed along and support my family along our journey.

Love your,

STAGE IV OM thriver ❤️

#eyesgetdilated #getnaked #FUOM #SeriouslyFUOM

Options Bring Hope Research Grant

TIL Trial – UPMC

Lifetime series with Dr Orloff and I.

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  1. Lindsay sweetie, I pray for you every morning. I am overwhelmed by your strength and ability to share with the world your ups and downs. You are truly an amazing young woman that I feel honored to know. Love and blessings, Carla A


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