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PROGRESS is POWER … Current vibe = HOPE

2022 Melanoma Research Foundations (MRF)
11th annual gala

On September 15th, 2022 Paul and I co-chaired the 11th annual Melanoma Research Foundations annual gala in Denver. This was our 3rd time co-chairing this amazing event and raising the critical funds to advance research and celebrate so many – including MY nurse, Krista. In a disease of so much unknown, Krista has always been my reliable constant.

Our journey has not been easy – my liver lesions continue to grow and we need more options for all patients, all melanomas.

We feel so strongly that OPTIONS BRING HOPE and this years theme – PROGRESS is POWER. We’ve come a long way BUT until my OMies get the array of treatments options they need – we will NOT stop advocating and educating for ALL.

To the MRF, my care team, our family and friends that came from near and far – flew in from coast to coast to support – we are forever grateful. Our tribe, our people – we love you and thank you!!!

AND to my best friend, my partner in crime, the love of my life – I LOVE YOU ❤️

This week Paul and I are in Pittsburgh, PA at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Feeling pretty blessed that in collaboration amongst my UCH, TJH, MDA teams – I am off to UPMC to undergo my most hopeful plan to date. I am scared yet hopeful but a dear from told me – there is no seat at the current table for fear ONLY HOPE so I’ll keep the current mood / vibe full of only HOPE.

9/23 is officially called FUF day. Since mets appeared in my liver Cannon has called my lesion the Fer (we don’t openly support our children cussing but when it comes to cancer – it’s a way to just express and that’s what’s we’ve done – Fer and lots of middle fingers to my liver…so FUF (Fer) day is when my biggest tumor will be removed along with a small chunk of my liver.

After removal the team at UPMC will research why my tumor has been so resistant to the other treatments and see if it will grow TIL. If TIL grows than we’ll decide what and when the next plan of attack will be to the rest of the cancer in my liver / blood stream.

A future full of so many unknowns but here’s to lots of prayers and holding onto so much HOPE.

Thank you to all that have followed along and support my family along our journey.

Love your,

STAGE IV OM thriver ❤️

#eyesgetdilated #getnaked #FUOM #SeriouslyFUOM

Options Bring Hope Research Grant

TIL Trial – UPMC

Lifetime series with Dr Orloff and I.

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