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Humble & Kind – Thank you Boss.Queen

I naturally like to talk, I like to share my opinion BUT over the past few years and more recently even this month I have been humbled more than ever. Humbled to where my eyes fill of joyful tears (yes, I still have tears coming from both eyes) and I search for words to say more than thank you, I am grateful and blessed but really….nothing else matters in times of feeling humbled. In these times I have learned to say thank you, listen, look around, embrace and absorb the amazingness, the kindness in people, in mankind. SO – thank you to those that make my heart fill of joy and gratitude.

Today I am humbled once again by the kindness of one of my friends, a colleague and a true heart of gold. I have known and worked with Krystal for many years as we have shared in the most amazing highs and lows in the evolution and growth of our nursing education company, we’ve shared babies being born and the joys and struggles of being a working mom. Krystal was one of the first people I met when I joined our company many years ago and to this day her smile and energy still lights up every room she touches. She embodies so much good, so much positivity and today kindness is what I am humbled and thankful for once again.

I have partnered with Krystal and her amazing company, Boss.Queen to help raise awareness and the research funds needed to support all Melanomas and it’s rare subtypes like mine – Ocular Melanoma.

boss.queen.Krystal is the Boss. Queen. Founder, CEO, designer, and encourager. She’s a wife, mama, lover of life, fitness junkie, former NFL cheerleader, full-time corporate trainer, kids’ taxi, supporter of my family, and a doer. Her mission at Boss.Queen is believing women are Boss. Queens. and we should own it! We should empower one another, serve with positive intent, exude passion, be courageous, and most importantly – be kind. And you know what? It’s okay to tap into our inner fashionista while we’re at it.

Krystal, Boss.Queen just launched her newest campaign and custom earring bundle package. 50% of all bundled sales will be donated to the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF). Today they can be ordered at or you can follow her live tonight, 5/17 @ 7pm CST on her Boss.Queen.Lifestyle FB feed to learn more about Melanoma, her amazing company and all that Krystal does to bring joy to the KC community and everyone and thing she touches!

Honored to call Krystal a friend, a role model how to live the best we can. Humbled to be part of the Boss.Queen community. Thank you Krystal, Boss.Queen and all of you for your support!

chiefsPS – Krystal is KC based – for those outside KC check out her online store but also where she can be found around the KC area. Her earrings are true quality and make a statement – they are amazing!  Her arrowhead design was my favorite to sport each Sunday as we cheered on the Chiefs loudly from Bronco country!






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