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Melanoma awareness month thank you and Denver MRF Gala update

5 31 20 picI am writing today to thank you for your support to the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) and being on my journey. May is coming to an end, the end of Melanoma Awareness month but it’s been an exciting month raising awareness and partnering with some amazing businesses.

You may ask…..Why am I so passionate to support the MRF?

That’s an easy answer – The MRF and team members have been there guiding and supporting me along my journey. OM is a rare and very aggressive form of eye cancer with a 50% chance of metastasis to the liver, brain or lungs with no cure. The MRF and the donations they receive are granted out to research that may someday save my life and there are huge initiates regarding OM and the research to extend survival rates once metastasis disease occurs. COVID-19 has impacted everyone and everything – regarding cancer research and physical research sites. The MRF has continued their mission and is supporting research labs to reopen, the research to continue. To learn more: check out this recorded live feed hosted by MRF CEO Kyleigh LiPira and Dr. Aplin from Thomas Jefferson University for a “Meet the Researcher” Session. Dr. Andrew Aplin discusses his work, research and how COVID-19 is impacting research labs all over the country.

Lindsay cliff note version – COVID-19 has allowed for one of the leading researchers, Dr. Andrew Aplin and his team, to take a step back, reevaluate their path moving forward. That path includes collaborating with other researchers across the country and world. That path includes OM, why OM metastasis to the liver and how to solve the many mysteries to OM. Happy tears for sure – feeling hopeful for more answers in the future and blessed for the passionate researchers working to save my life and those OMies I have met through my journey and love as dear family!

Also – Earlier this year the MRF conducted a first of its kind Patient-Led Ocular Melanoma Listening Session at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Patients, caregivers and medical professionals met with eighteen FDA leaders to share their stories and discuss the needs of the community. Their stories told focused on the lack of standard of care, mis-diagnoses, the need for single arm clinical trials, financial toxicity of the disease and the toll it takes on both patients and caregivers who have been impacted by this orphaned disease. These types of sessions will also impact my life and the lives of so many.

So the answer is easy. The MRF continues to lead the way for research grants, awareness, advocacy and support of my rare and aggressive eye cancer.

Now on to my thank yous – Thank you to the businesses and each of you for supporting them during awareness month. If you are still wanting to donate or purchase some of the below – there is still time and I thank you! Thank you for your support and supporting these amazing folks also raising awareness!

Thank you @Coolibar for sharing my voice and story in their #BeBrave campaign. I met Coolibar in DC last year while advocating on the Hill. Coolibar is the only brand offering guaranteed UPF 50+ clothing and accessories for every part of your life. 100% of proceeds from the #BeBrave shirts are donated to the MRF. My blog and purchase of BeBrave shirts:

I have also partnered with two of my strong, inspiring friends – Krystal and Blair.

Krystal, owner and CEO of Boss.Queen with a mission to empower women to live their best life possible through spreading positivity, kindness, inspiration and style. Boss.Queen has designed and crafted an Ocular Melanoma earring bundle pack – 50% of the earring purchase goes to the MRF.

Blair , ZYIA Active, an active lifestyle brand whose culture believes in embracing activity with excitement, vigor and delight. Blair is donating her commissions placed under my shopping link to the MRF – shop under the Lindsay’s Melanoma Research Foundation event at:

My attire in this picture:

  • Hat: Billabong because I’ll be a famous Australian surfer in my next life, lol😊
  • Sunglasses: Suncloud – my favorite affordable polarized optics
  • Lipstick: Beautycounter – clean and safe

Gala update: The gala is currently a go for Aug 6th in Denver. Depending on the state of our world the event will continue as planned, go virtual or be postponed. I will keep you posted as I learn more but no matter the event modality and timeline – as co-chairs Paul and I thank you for the sponsorship, donations and support!

May you stay safe, healthy and always find happiness! #mrscaptainron #youcantakemysightbutyoucanttakemyvision

#FUOM #seriouslyFUOM #EyeGetDilated #GetNaked

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