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Tonight is postponed!

Tonight, Paul and I were supposed to co-chair the Melanoma Research Foundation annual gala in Denver. This is an amazing event that celebrates leaders in the medical field, recognizes courageous individuals who are battling melanoma and shares some of the exciting medical breakthroughs that are on the horizon. It was one of my most favorite nights in 2019.

Although the event is postponed, it is still Melanoma awareness month and would be grateful for your support to raise the critical dollars for research for all melanomas including my rare subtype of Ocular Melanoma. In 50% of Ocular Melanoma patients it spreads to liver, brain and/or lungs. My closest OM friends in Denver are battling metastasis with no known cure and more research is needed – and our community ask for your support. Super smart passionate research teams are finding clinical breakthroughs and need their missions to continue.

If you are interested – I am excited to share a few ways to support the MRF.

  1. Coolibar launched their Be Brave campaign. This is a wonderful company that will donate all proceeds from the Be Brave shirts to the MRF. I was featured in their campaign last year and this year they choose an amazing young woman to share her OM story. She is beyond brave, beautiful and her courage and attitude is truly inspiring.
  2. ZYIA Active – my friend Blair and I have teamed up to support the MRF. She is donating her commissions to the MRF from orders placed under my shopping link. If you are interested in some amazing active wear – check it out and shop under the Lindsay’s Melanoma Research Foundation event at:
  3. Donate directly to the Denver Gala event:

Grateful for your support. #FUOM #SeriouslyFUOM #MRF #BeBrave #youcantakemysightbutnotmyvision

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