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Today I went to the ENT with my 6-year-old. My poor guy has had strep several times this school year on top of other symptoms that would lead me to believe it’s time to consider removing his tonsils. I scheduled the appointment and arrived on time. I knew going into the visit it was the same practice I had seen for my sinus issues BUT I totally forgot the last time I was there. Then all of a sudden as the PA took us back to the room to wait for the doctor all the emotions started flowing back.

The last time I walked those halls I went in for extreme sinus pain. What I found out at that visit was I had nothing wrong with my sinus, but I needed an MRI to rule out possible other issues including a tumor in my brain. The last time I walked those halls I left with uncontrollable tears and fear and I had no idea what my future held.

The future ended up holding MRIs that revealed weird things going on with my eye tumor – possible regrowth, the possibility the tumor cells leaving my eye and venturing elsewhere in my brain. The future ended up holding enucleation (my eye removed) and 3 more surgeries. My future held many more lows – followed by some of the biggest highs!

Looking back on the past year + – I am not sure how we survived. The visit today gave me more inner strength of what me and my family have been through, that we survived. That we will continue to survive.

As for my little dude – he’ll have his tonsils remove in the coming weeks. This will be his 3rd major surgery in 3 years but he’s a tough cookie and he can’t wait for his daily milkshakes. I’ll accept prayers on keeping him calm for several days because I was unsuccessful during his two broken arms.

Love and health to all – we will be ok!

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