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Today I turn 36!

It has driven me crazy my whole life when people complain of getting older. I guess because I am always the girl that couldn’t wait to turn a year older because of the excitement of what it held – 16 to drive, 18 to go to college, 21 to legally drink (although, I think I slowed down my drinking once I turned 21), junior in college to study aboard, get my first job, get married, buy my first house, decide and be blessed enough to start a family….I have always seen getting older is such an amazing thing, it means your living your life!  

I have had this view my whole life but when your Dx with a rare, aggressive and deadly cancer that intensifies the feelings. I have never wished for a sunset to set but I welcome the sun rising every morning. It’s another day to spend with my kids, my family, friends and adventure whatever it may be.

SO – don’t complain to me about turning 30 or 40 or 50 because I don’t care to hear it. I pray every day I will turn 40 as that means my kids are 13, 11 and 9. Don’t be complaining to me when you turn 45 because when I turn 45 Cannon will be off to college. You see, I welcome the future and its possibilities. I want to grow old because that means my kids still have their mom and my husband can still lay in bed with his best friend. This post is definitely from my scared cancer heart but in my true Lindsay heart…. living your life and loving those around you means you get older and you get to see and experience more.

SO – each year find ways to fall in love with your life over and over again. Today, I cannot be more excited to be 36 and I am determined that 36 WILL be my best year yet AND I WILL BE OK! Make your next year the best one yet too! Cheers!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Lindsay!

    Sending much love to you and all your beautiful family…have a wonderful day and a very blessed year ahead.


  2. Lindsay Bird I pray everyday you will enjoy a long beautiful exciting healthy life!!!! Deep in my heart I believe you will! Love you so much and your writings are so inspiring! Mom


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