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9 eye family

I hate to admit it, but reading to my kids before bed is not my favorite thing, luckily Paul takes that. What I do love to do is lay there next to them and just listen to them talk. The other night Cannon was talking about how he wishes he was an only child and how his sister and brother are so annoying. I agreed and explained I had those same feelings being the oldest (sorry J, Bobby and Brett) but I then asked what he thought of Aunt J, Uncle Bob and Uncle Brett now, and he shared how cool they were. I explained how Connelly and Caden would be like that too and how lucky he was. He started to agree and then went on to say how lucky we were as a family. We were talking about what makes us different and special. He yelled, Mom….we are the 9 eyed family. No one else we know has 5 people but only 9 eyes. Yes, Cannon. You are right, we are pretty darn special!

What makes you special?


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  1. Out of the mouths of babes…this just warms my heart and shows the optimism that you have passed on to your kids. I am incredibly impressed by your strength and attitude. Thanks for sharing this sweet story, your family is always in our prayers! ❤️


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