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The calm before the storm

I am 7 days into ‘unknown’. 7 days of chemo completed and was better than expected – which has been a pleasant surprise. Extreme exhaustion and nausea have been my mine side effects. Luckily I’ve been able to sleep well each night to date and the days go faster than slower, probably sleeping most of the day helps.

Starting to struggle being confined to my room. My white blood cells out is so low, I am at risk to leave my room but hate not being able to breathe the fresh air. Never took that for granted but that is what I look forward to most, fresh air (and my family and friends obvi)

Tomorrow is day 8 in the hospital but DAY 0, TIL Day (cancer terms). My cells are tested again, get a warm bath and private ride to my bedside – I will receive an infusion of my Tcells that grew from my tumor that was removed from my liver and white blood cells that were taken through Leukapheresis. Both is part of the infusion.

Day 9 and 10 I’ll be infused with IL2 which activates the billions of Tcells to go to work.

It going, praying it keeps going.

Love to all.


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