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Current state: Leukapheresis

Recap: my largest liver lesion was removed in Sept, 2022. Scans in Oct were stable and went into holding pattern. I learned my Tcells grew very potent which was best case and time to live life while I await my next scan. So….did just that to end the year. We went to the Caymans for Thanksgiving to celebrate time with family and watch our alamater Kansas State University win the Cayman Classic, basketball tourney. Then a family adults trip to Cabo to celebrate Paul and Is 40s. Life was so good and truly enjoyed every second knowing what I knew 2023 would hold.

The end of the year my scans revealed one of the lesions in my liver had enough growth to enroll me officially into the TIL trial at UPMC. It’s beyond frustrating as my tumors go from sleeping and stable to new crazy growth overnight but on the flip – if life has to get crazy…now is as good as any. Real HOPE is better sooner than later, I guess. So – it’s go time.

This past week Paul and I traveled back to UPMC for Leukapheresis. ‘Pheresis’ is a half day procedure in which white blood cells are separated from my blood – the white blood cells are collected and the red blood cells, plasma, etc are returned to my body. I had a temp port placed to simplify the process although the port placement was in my neck – super uncomfortable but just add it to the list of ‘not so fun’ things along my journey. Uncomfortable and tired but we made it through the day pretty seamlessly. Then baseline MRI to officially begin the trial.

Leukapheresis process

Now – my Tcells are starting to be thawed (which are in the millions) and adding the white blood cells will take it to the billions of cells to be added soon into my body. The best batch of Tcells will be used in my upcoming treatment and then remainder will stay frozen.

I am still baffled by the technology.

Anxious and scared but trying to focus on HOPE, real HOPE on what this treatment will take from me but in return hopefully give me so much more back.

Love my UPMC team. It’s so amazing to have a team fighting for me and that truly is making this journey manageable.

Love to all and thanks for you support.

Love your,

STAGE IV OM thriver

#eyesgetdilated #FUOM #SeriouslyFUOM

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  1. Lindsay,
    We really appreciate your updates! Constantly thinking about you with great hope! Continue with your strength 💪 and fierce fighting positive attitude!!!


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