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Kids….talk, teach, advocate

How to talk to kids about your cancer.

Being a mom of 3, I really have NO clue but what I DO know is….you take your scares, unknown ‘shit show’ of fears and a deep breathe and you just talk, you cry, you laugh and you hug as tight as you can. And you slowly share more and more and you let them be part of the decisions and process along the way. You be honest, you cry together, show you don’t have the answers, show your vulnerable AND always show HOPE.

AND while doing all that – you use your voice, your words, your influence on guiding them through their life to make sure they are better people because of it.

You teach humility

You teach kindness

You teach its ok to ask for help, and they should accept help when they need it

You teach honestly

You teach its ok to make mistakes but then you own the mistake, learn and grow to be better

You teach the power of love and gratitude and thankfulness

You teach how to love so deeply and fully

You teach how to live in the moment and enjoy a sunset

You teach to be strong and brave but being strong and brave means picking yourself up and carrying on, even when it seems impossible. (After you yell, scream and completely lose your shit)

You teach to try new things

You teach advocating and supporting for themselves and those that need help

You teach that they should be THEM, their own unique amazing SELF

You teach to be happy for others successes

You teach to surround yourself with those that make you happy, those that bring light to your life.

YOU show humility

YOU show kindness

YOU show compassion and gratitude

YOU show how to adventure

YOU show how to LOVE

YOU show everything you can to make them see YOU and all your flaws and successes.

You show them through the ups and downs to be themselves.

Many days I feel like I am failing at life, many others I feel like I am managing and thriving. All days I am saddened that my kids are growing up remembering more of their mom with cancer than without. BUT ALL days learning from others, knowing that our lessons learned make us better people, our connectivity to each other – our path is guiding my kids to be better people in a world that sure as hell needs it.

Cheers and prayers to all that have to have hard convos with their kids but cheers to knowing we can try our darnedest to make an impact in their lives to make them better along the journey.

Me update: Right now – enjoying life and being in a treatment holding pattern. It feels so good to not have to be chasing my next plan for a bit. Looking forward to the holidays and so blessed to be here today.

Wish so many a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and to smile and enjoy the moment. One of my favorite quotes (not sure who by). “The smile on my face doesn’t mean my life is perfect. It means despite my challenges I choose to focus on my blessings.”

Love your,

STAGE IV OM thriver ❤️

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3 thoughts on “Kids….talk, teach, advocate Leave a comment

  1. Lindsey,

    Your bravery and honesty are a constant inspiration to me. You are not only teaching your own kids, you are teaching those of us who are much older. You are always in my prayers.
    Enjoy your holidays with your beautiful family. Hi to Paul
    Kathy Watkins


  2. Lindsay, this is beautifully said, with words to live by. Sharing a full, rich life with so many, and teaching your kids how with each day, to do the same. You are encouraging many more lights to shine! So much to be thankful for.


  3. Lindsay, this is beautiful! You’re a great Mom! Happy Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful time with your family. Peace and blessings!


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