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UPMC 5 MAIN Shout out

After 16 days I said good bye to the most selfless team of humans I have ever met. The nurses, techs, house cleaning, food service, etc. Truly you made 16 days in hell manageable with a smile.

I’d love to list every nurse I had by name but in the event I accidentally forgot someone I’d be devastated, so if you cared for me during my TIL stay I am forever grateful.

Nursing is such a hard profession right now (Danielle 5main nurse called Paul and I spy’s (still laughing) since he builds hospitals and I work for ATI Nursing Education) but it truly is. BUT the 5 main nurses – never once heard them complain – Always hustling around with a smile, treated me like a Queen, rushed to get meds to help me stop puking, constant labs and changing lines, ice water, changed linens when the techs were under staffed (always doing more than their role), administered my TIL, blew up the warm body bag during my rigors, cried with me during videos sent from home with love, hard stuff, basic stuff, all the stuff AND all done so beautifully and selflessly.

I was in the hospital ultimately trying to save my life and you each made 16 days away from my family manageable.

I enjoyed our connections, our conversations and advocating for me when needed.

Sarah – you asked for my feedback, above is it. You manage an amazing floor, nothing but love sent to you and your floor!!!

To my readers – please thank a nurse, we need them, we need more of them.

And to Main5 – I pray you stay in this profession and have countless patients lives touched just like mine. Love you all.

Take care!

Nurses deserve more, nurses deserve the world, thank a nurse.

Love you all,


TIL Patient, Feb 2023 (under the best team ran by Dr K)


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