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Foggy Glasses

I had a great follow up with my surgeon and eye team yesterday. My eye continues to stay stable. Stable is all that matters today, I will worry about tomorrow – tomorrow. 

Now that I am somewhat on the mend AGAIN life is feeling normal or what the new normal is. I am working and somewhat participating in normal life activities around the house and starting to adventure out of the house as well. My docs strongly recommend I wear glasses at all times, mainly to keep my good eye safe, but now one more thing to lose. I shared I have struggled being in public since surgery – still not ready to rock a patch and the bandage is now annoying so I started wearing this patch over my glasses. So far, it works and the kids don’t mind.

Last night I was excited to take the kids to swim. They swim for a local club and I truly love watching them enjoy and excel at a sport I never had on my radar.  

So here is how my night went – I dropped the kids off at the front door, parked my car, and adventured in. Between the cold from the outdoors and the steam from the pool my glasses completely fogged up. Picture this – this crazy mom walking into the pool full of swimmers, coaches, parents and I am seriously 100% blind. I can’t take off my glasses as I will scare the hell out of these young swimmers with my eyeless lens, I can’t turn around as I am already committed so I just went for it. My hands were in front of my body like a walking mummy. I was trying not to collide with another person or better yet fall in the pool. Luckily, a good friend was sitting at the top of the bleachers so I found the rails and climbed to the top. I sat down overwhelmed, ready to cry, almost in full anxiety mode (new thing to add to my sparkling personality) but decided to laugh. Is this really my life, is this really the new me? Oh my, I am such a mess. A few of the other moms said foggy glasses are normal around the pool and I would get used to it but truly for a whole hour I had foggy glasses. Paul txt I should get a wiper for my glasses, he got the middle finger emoji back on that one. What new adventure awaits for a mom with first world eyeless problems? The suspense is killing me. BUT, I will be OK. 

#captainron #mrscaptainron #youcantakemysightbutyoucanttakemyvision #FUOM #FUFUOM

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