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Uncharted Waters

I have kept a personal journal regarding my Dx, journey, struggles, thoughts, feelings and always contemplated sharing. I believe now may be that time. I am forever grateful to those that have shared their stories before me and how they have impacted my life.

I want to provide updates regarding me, my treatments and why I am making the decisions I make. The eyeball – as Caden says it best, is creepy. It’s in the creepy category as cats are for him, lol, so I truly get what he means. But why are eyeballs creepy to many of us? Is it because it’s how society portrays them in pics of pirates (the glass eye), the wacky lady in movies has the wacky eye, it’s not everyday your sister or friend has her eyeball removed, is it the unknown? I have learned a lot since my Dx and even more so recently with enucleation and I need to somehow overcome any stereo type I personally have and others may now have of me. My Dx, my journey, my treatment and my care plan is truly rare (I will explain how rare in future post) but truly scientifically fascinating and the support from my OM community, OM provider team, many of you reading this (closest family and friends) it is overwhelming unbelievable. I’d like to depict my thoughts on creepy, rare, and many of the unknowns.

Like Captain Ron, we as OMies often go down the path of uncharted waters. So here I go continuing down uncharted waters…I plan to start updating on the present, eventually add throw backs of my journey to get me to where I am to date and then throw in my views of the world and how things have changed through my new lens; my OM lens, my new prosthetic lens, and how me, ‘Linds’, has grown and changed learning everyday to love her new self. It hasn’t been easy, it’s still not easy, but my number 1 priority is being here. I am here. My life is too good to not figure it out as I don’t want to miss out on this thing called ‘LIFE’.

To conclude: I am not the best writer, my grammar is not always on point, but my thoughts and feelings are honest, from the heart and what I may be feeling in the moment. I hope to raise awareness for ocular melanoma and share my journey while being a young woman: a granddaughter, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, wife, mom, aunt, friend, colleague and acquaintance living with cancer. I hope to share my perspective on life and how to live the best life I can, and maybe you can too. To my OMies keep being the unicorns in uncharted waters. To my family, friends and everyone out there keep conquering whatever is on your current path and find your inner peace to love, love, love like there is no such thing as a broken heart.

#mrscaptainron #youcantakemysightbutyoucanttakemyvision #FUOM #seriouslyFUOM




6 thoughts on “Uncharted Waters Leave a comment

  1. You are amazing! Your words are beautiful and although this is a journey I never wished for you, I am thankful you are so strong and you have the courage to help us get through this with you! I am here whatever, you need! I love that you are sharing! You are an inspiration! Love you Linds!


  2. You are the inspiration. You are the strength. You are the grace. I am so blessed to have met you and my life will forever be better for you being in it. Thank you.



    So proud of you, Linds! Can’t wait to keep reading – you are a beautiful writer telling a beautiful story about a beautiful human being’s journey through life!


  4. You are my hero, Lindsay. Through it all you stay laser focused on what really matters–and you find the humor. I’m a true believer in YOU.


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